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Documents available for download
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Illinois in the Civil War

Illinois Civil War Bibliography

Civil War Regiments by County

The stories of Illinois' Medal of Honor recipients from 1861 – 1865

Civil War Memorials in the Prairie State
Historic Illinois, Vol. 8:2

Bibliography of Published and Printed Illinois Civil War Regimental Sources in the Collections of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Part I
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 8:2 by William B. Tubbs

Bibliography of Published and Printed Illinois Civil War Regimental Sources in the Collections of the Abraham LincolnPresidential Library, Part II
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 9:2 by William B. Tubbs

A product of Northern Illinois University Libraries Digitization Unit, this resource brings together primary source materials from a number of libraries, museums and archives. These institutions include the Newberry Library, the Chicago Historical Society and the Illinois State Library.

Access digital publications available from the Illinois State Library on the Civil War including journals, documents, reports, newspapers and much more.

Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Database.

Outstanding site with pictures and information on Civil War flags from Illinois.

Civil War Resource Guide hosted by the University of Houston and developed in collaboration with the Chicago Historical Society among others.

Illinois Civil War regiments by county.

Vestiges of an Nation Divided: The Civil War's impact on northern Illinois, on line exhibit.

Civil War Veterans of Peoria County

National Park Service's summary of Illinois' role in the Civil War.

This site includes a list of battles, information on a number of Illinois Civil War veterans, and articles on topics of interest.

Civil War Newspapers Holdings of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, 1861-1865


African Americans, Slavery, & Abolition

African American Genealogy Resources at The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Slavery: Cause and Catalyst of the Civil War
pamphlet from the National Park Service.

I've Been Working on the (Underground) Railroad
Historic Illinois, Vol. 22:6

Jack Jackson: Civil War Soldier
Historic Illinois, Vol. 33:1

Owen Lovejoy: Illinois Abolitionist
Historic Illinois, Vol. 22:6

Remembering the Flight to Freedom: Underground Rail Road in Illinois
Historic Illinois, Vol. 22:6

The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum

Brief history of African Americans in Illinois from territorial times through the end of the 20th Century.

The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship online exhibit explores black America's quest for equality from the early national period through the twentieth century. This link takes you to the Civil War section of the exhibition.

African American Soldiers during the Civil War

A history of African Americans in the Civil War from the National Park Service.

"Been Here So Long": Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives

Aboard the Underground Railroad: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary introduces travelers, researchers, historians, preservationists, and anyone interested in African American history to the fascinating people and places associated with the Underground Railroad. The following are three sites listed on the National Park Service's registry of Underground Railroad sites.

- Owen Lovejoy House

- John Hassack House

- Dr. Richard Eels House


Correspondence and the Homefront

Conventions and Sentiments of Civil War Correspondence in the Minto Letters
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 5:2 by Jill Rebman Martin

"Your work is truly a good one" Illinoisans and Soldiers’ Homes during the Civil War
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 12:3 by Glenna R. Shroeder-Lein

Letters: Joseph & Currency Van Nattan
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 12:2 by Thomas Bahde

The Spy Who Came in from the Coalfield: A British Spy in Illinois
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 10:2 by Joseph Clark


Dissent and Disorder

Amos Green, Paris, Illinois Civil War Lawyer, Editorialist, and Copperhead
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 11:1 , by Peter J. Barry

The Charleston Riot and Its Aftermath Civil, Military, and Presidential Responses
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 7:2 , by Peter J. Barry

Military Arrest: Judge Charles Constable
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 9:1 by Stephen E. Towne



This site is part of the USGenWeb Project and is largely focused on genealogy. The best feature is the transcribed rosters that are searchable by county and regiment. It also has all the state's generals along with information on their promotions.

Civil War genealogy

Database from the Illinois State Archives of Illinois Civil War veterans serving in the U. S. Navy

A "how to" site on Civil War genealogy


Libraries and Institutions

McKendree University's Civil War Story
Historic Illinois, Vol. 20:3

Making of America collection of Cornell University

Civil War records at the National Archives

Virginia Military Institute



We have presented only a few of the resources on Lincoln. There are many, many such resources to be easily found on the web.

Lincoln's Neighborhood and the Civil War
document noting neighbors of Lincoln and their Civil War service

A chronology of Abraham Lincoln
Published by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and supported by the Illinois Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

"We've Been Elected"
booklet on the making of the President and the 1860 election from Lincoln Home National Historic Site and the Historic Sites Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

The complete Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress consists of approximately 20,000 documents.

Knox College provides full text PDFs of Michael Burlingame's Abraham Lincoln: A Life.

Rodney Davis and Douglas Wilson of the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College discuss each of the Lincoln-Douglas debates via podcast.

Gateway: Lincoln and the Civil War provided by Illinois Wesleyan University.

A day-by-day of President Lincoln and the Civil War sponsored by the Lincoln Institute and Lerhman Institute



The legendary "Rebel Yell" rediscovered by the Museum of the Confederacy.

Last eye-witness to Lincoln assassination appears on television in 1956.

Photo essay of Illinois Civil War graves


Online Books, Exhibits, Video, and Audio

The National Park Service's Civil War series

Civil War Wikipedia

Photographic slides show of the Civil War

"That a Nation Might Live," the Civil War Sesquicentennial one week at a time

The American Experience presents the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The American Experience presents Robert E. Lee, at war with his country and himself

A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln

Lincoln Douglas Debates

"I take up my pen": Letters from the Civil War

The Underground Rail Road online exhibit from National Geographic

YouTube video highlighting the exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library entitled, "Illinois Answers the Call: Boys in Blue."

Animation of the Battle of Shiloh where General Grant took Forts Henry and Donelson.

Civilwarinart.org makes nearly 130 works of art from seven Chicago cultural organizations accessible to teachers, parents, and students around the world.

Online exhibits from the Smithsonian

Highlights of part one of the Boys in Blue exhibit of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

See images of the Boys in Blue collection of Illinois soldiers housed at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library


Regions, Cities, and Towns

A Sterling Treasure: The Kirk/Dillon Home
Historic Illinois, Vol. 20:3

The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has launched the Southern Illinois Civil War Collection. The digital collection assembles handwritten letters, diaries, and military orders spanning the era before, during, and after the American Civil War (1861-1865). The collection documents the southern Illinois experience of the war, and spotlights life on the home front from the perspective of two women whose husbands served in the Fifth Illinois Cavalry.

Alton in the Civil War.

Information on Cairo in the Civil War

Encyclopedia of Chicago webpage on Chicago in the Civil War.

History of Southern Illinois during the Civil War.


Soldiers, Regiments, and Camps

Camp Butler National Cemetery
Historic Illinois, Vol. 31:1

Illinois Adjutant General's Report, Regimental and Unit Histories
contains official histories of Civil War regiments and units as compiled by the Illinois State Archives.

"We should have killed them all" The Violent Reaction of Union Soldiers to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 10:1 by Steven J. Ramold

Transcriptions from the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1900-1902) original reports are housed at the Illinois State Archives and are available for download.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library owns around 7000 images of Illinois "Boys in Blue." This database lists the soldier's name, regiment, town of residence, and other information.

List of Illinois regiments including information on Illinoisans serving under other states' regiments.

Union regimental index for Illinois.

A guide to the collection of six large record books from Company "M" of the 4th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry at Stanford University. It consists of a clothing book, a descriptive roll of the company, morning reports, the record of a general court martial, and an order book.

Site of a reenactmment group portraying the 10th Cavalry Regiment, mustered from the counties of Sangamon, Logan and Menard.

An Illinois Soldier in the Civil War contains photographs, memoirs, and documents on Private Jefferson Moses of Company G, 93rd Illinois Volunteers.

http://www.dieterich.k12.il.us/faculty/kjohnson/civilwar/41st Illinois.htm
The 41st Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Boys in Blue: Images of Civil War Soldiers from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library by Mary Michals
Journal of Illinois History, Vol. 14 #1, by Mary Michals

Collection of online books and publications related to Illinois Civil War regiments.

Illinois Boys in Blue images. This project includes nearly 600 scanned images of selected, original Illinois Civil War soldier photographs held in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library’s Audio Visual Collection. Each soldier’s photograph (including front and back images) is accompanied by cataloging information including the soldier’s regiment, company, residence (town and county if known), and in many cases, the studio’s name and location in which the photo was taken. To date, Illinois infantry regiments included in the database are the 7th, 9th, 17th, 33rd, 37th, 56th, 64th, 77th, 86th, and 108th. The 4th Illinois Cavalry is also represented.



The Civil War Women Blog

National Public Radio story on female Illinois Civil War Veteran Jennie Hodgers aka Albert J. D. Cashier

Another article on Cashier entitiled An Irish Cailín Goes to War: Jennie Hodgers, Private, Co. G, 95th Illinois Infantry

More on Cashier as well as highlights of the Cashier Historic Home restoration

Frances Hook aka Frank Miller is covered on the Civil War Women Blog

Civil War Women Soldiers Blog

Female Civil War Soldiers and Spies

Women on the Civil War Battelfront

New York Times blog on women and the Civil War.

Women Soldiers of the Civil War, Pt I

Women Soldiers of the Civil War, Pt II

Women Soldiers of the Civil War, Pt III

Women Soldiers and Nurses of the American Civil War.

Civil War Women: Digitized collections of Duke University

Civil War Women: Primary Sources on the Internet

All is Fair: Women and the American Civil War by Janelle Collett

Civil War Spies: Good Intell Knows No Gender

Untold Stories: Women in the Civil War

Women of the Civil War

Podcast on Albert D. J. Cashier, born Jennie Hodgers and Civil War soldier in the Illinois 95th Infantry Regiment. Jennie's Secret: A Soldier's Story

Essay on Women and Gender Roles in Civil War Illinois and the North by Drew E. VandeCreek, Ph.D.



The Civil War for Kids site has a great deal of content created by kids for kids

Site presents the Civil War including timelines, glossaries, maps and more.

Online game for kids of Lincoln’s White House during the Civil War.

Boys in the Civil War

Solve mysteries with images and quotes in this online game of Civil War characters


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Farewell to President Lincoln

Most Illinoisans learned of the shooting and death of President Lincoln within hours of his last breath. In many towns public meetings held on April 15 adopted formal statements of outrage and sorrow. Some ministers worked to replace the sermons they planned to deliver on Easter Sunday (April 16) with talks that pondered the tragedy, its origin, and its meaning for the future. Many other clergymen and local leaders delivered memorial addresses on April 19, the date of the White House funeral service.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities
and the Illinois General Assembly.