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The Main Reason to Choose Baccarat in Casino War

Baccarat is truly one of casino games with less popularity compared to poker and Blackjack but if you learn it well in casino war, the game is so fun and challenging.

Who doesn’t know Baccarat? This is the unique card game in casino category with less popularity than poker and Blackjack. However, this game is so popular among Asian gamblers and they love playing it through dewapoker site too. If you think this game is not famous, then you need to look at the fact that Baccarat was shown on one of the James Bond movies. You should consider playing it because this game can give you the great return with perfect house edge.

The House Edge of Baccarat in Casino War

When you talk about the house edge of Baccarat, then you will be happy since this game offers 1.06% of the house edge so it makes Baccarat one of the best games in casino including dewapoker terbaik. It means, you have to consider choosing it though the popularity might be behind poker and Blackjack. However, when you can get the high return from the best odds, you don’t need to think twice. Besides, this game is considered to be one of simplest games in the world you can master.

Simply, you don’t need any complicated strategy at all and perhaps, no strategy used here. Though Baccarat uses cards, the game is as simple as Roulette since you just need to choose the side you want to bet on. Then, the dealer might do the rest and you just need to wait whether you win or lose the game. No need to hit, raise, stand or anything like that. You just pick the choice, bet and wait for the result. This is the very good game for those who want some breaks from hard card games.

The objective in this game is you need to guess right between banker and player to win. In this game, two hands will be dealt and the player who holds the higher hand will win the game. Before those cards are dealt, you need to decide the side you want to bet on. There are 3 possible results in this game from banker, player or tie. However, that is arbitrary purely and you need to know that “banker” hand in this game has nothing to do at all with casino and “player” has nothing to do with gamblers.

The Winning Chance of Baccarat in Both Sides when Casino War

Sometimes in several dewapoker sites, it may be called as Hand 1 and Hand 2. You also need to remember that there is only one side of “player” hand you will deal no matter how many players on the Baccarat table. It is because “player” side in this game is not really the hand of player and it is just one of the choices available for you to bet on. You just need to bet without considering that all. In this game, there will be no busting at all. The last digit of the total numbers will be counted as the final.

For example, you get 2 cards with 5 and 9 as the values. The results of those numbers are 14. However, Baccarat will only count 4 or take the last digit. All aces in this game will be counted as 1 while face cards are zero or they have no numbers at all. Two cards which are dealt to every hand and also the complicated rules will determine whether the third card will be dealt to both hands. You don’t need to worry at all about it because if the third card must be dealt, the dealer will also deal it as soon as possible.

What you need to know as well is about the house edge difference. Though the entire house edge of this game is low, the player and banker sides have different percentage of house edge. That is why, you need to choose the best if you really want the best return. If you choose player side to bet, then you will get the house edge around 1.24%. If you choose banker side, you might get the house edge around 1.06%. You will get the best odds if you choose banker side every bet you want to make.

In fact, the player side will come up only 5 times in a row. It means, you have the bigger chance to win if you bet on banker whenever you bet. However, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to bet on player because you can do it too and you can choose based on your feeling. The house edge of player side is lower and worse than banker side but you still get advantage if you choose it. What you need to avoid in this casino war game is the tie bet.